Tuesday, October 7, 2008

General Conference weekend...YAY!!!

So last weekend was general conference and it was just as good as it always is, but I think this time it was a little different than it usually is. There was much reinforcement of sticking together and become united in our faith and also about finding happiness in all we do. Usually they talk about staying away from this or that and overcoming addictions of all sorts, but this time it felt different. Also the announcement of five new temples, I almost fell over when I heard about the one in Rome Italy. WOW!!!! Anyway, it was great, the kids were good and let me listen and I hope as they were running around playing that they heard some of what was being said.
It is almost our fall break and so we are excited about that, and soon our little Porter is to be baptized and that is very exciting. They grow up so fast and overnight they get this funny little attitude that makes you wonder where the cute little face went. Now it's the turned up nose and the weird little smirk on his face...Hmmm, where did my cute little boy go.
I anticipate life in December when it isn't quite so hectic. Three whole weeks before we start the mayhem again. Oh well, I asked for it. Love to all.

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