Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baptism DAY!!!!!

Today was our son Porter's baptism and what a wonderful day it was. My father and mother and sister came from Utah. My mother in law and Aunt in law also came from Montana and Arizona. Our adopted grandparents from Edmond OK came as well and it was such a wonderful day. We showed up at church and there were so many people that came that my mother thought there was also someone else being baptized. There were lots of tears shed and testimonies being shared. I had never heard my father's testimony of his baptism experience and he was 25 when he was baptized and I had never known that story of his life. He was in school and his math teacher was a member and my father asked him to baptize him. It was so moving that my mother and sister and I were in tears and we used several puff tissues. It was so wonderful and the spirit was so strong that we couldn't help but cry. Our good friends here in town were there and we had asked our friend Kristen if she could give us a talk and it was so wonderful and I think it helped Porter understand what was going to take place. Grandma Nancy also gave a talk and she shared my father in laws first and last testimony and he said that "I can't speak for the rest of you, but I know this church is right for me." To know that he said those words made it that much more special. To know that this church is true and that all of us are blessed in so many ways, and that our testimony of this church grows daily. I love my boy and I am so very grateful that his father was worthy to baptize him and to confirm him a member of this glorious church. How fortunate we are that we have our little family and we are safe and protected from the many evils of the world. Thankyou all for your prayers and wishes for our special boy on this most blessed of days.
*sorry for any spelling errors, I typed this rather fast.*

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Amy Lynn said...

That must have been so exciting!! Congratulations to you affects your entire family!! We wish we could have been there for him!!