Friday, September 19, 2008

what a week

So this week has been rather a busy one. First round of tests and I wanted to do better but the first round is always the hardest. If only...If only...!!! John is out with his Army play group on a field exercise and I hope he has fun. I tell him that he is in a big kids play group and he just laughs at me, he's the oldest so sometimes thats what it feels like. We are all doing great though and hanging in there. Getting stuff done on the house and wishing we had more time and money for things. Busy with just life, what else is there.

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Lacey, Ryan & Leif said...

Hey Missy!
Thanks for the invite to the blog. FYI: you might want to switch me out as an contributor to an permission. If you don't I can come in here and change alot of stuff around, Ha! I know your a beginner at blogging and I am still kinda new to it. If you have any questions...don't ask me anything HARD! LOL!! It will be fun to visit your blog and see how you are doing. Did I invite you to mine? I can't remember. Love ya, Lacey