Thursday, September 11, 2008

My New Blogging Adventure

Well, Because several friends of mine blog, I figured why not, what can I loose. So here I am starting my new blog. I hope that this works and that everything is just as cute as the blogs of my friends. As of today the 11, we are busy with school and that is pretty much our focus. My little Porter boy has started on his Faith in God program with our church and is very excited. He is also getting ready to go into cub scouts and is beyond thrilled about that. We are very pleased that he is so motivated about these things.
Our little Adeline is trying out the potty training bit and we hope she gets it. The sitter she goes to see has offered to help, which we are so grateful for. She enjoys the sitters house and after the first day of mom bawling on the way to class, we are all happy that she enjoys it.
John is busy with his ROTC stuff and his drills every month. His classes require alot more of him than he really wants to put forth but, such is life. He is busy at home on the weekends trying to get our "new" old house in a comfortable state for us. He is such a cheap handyman. A good meal and a clean bed and he is as happy as he can be.
Me, busy with school and kids and chores and whatever else I can manage. I really enjoy my classes, especially my physics class. My teacher is the coolest ever, other than the fact he swears alot(he could care less if he offends) but he puts everything in a perspective that the simple minds(me) can understand. It is fun going to school and being in this part of my life.
I love my family, love my life, wouldn't want it any other way. WE have been BLESSED!!!!!!

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